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Farm Grazing Rotation ™

Farm Grazing Rotation ™ Get it on Google Play

The Farm Grazing Rotation ™ app is the new way to plan your grazing rotations, effluent, silage, crops, herd assignment and much more!

All aspects of management are now at your fingertips. (No more diaries and white boards).

This app is not dependent on plate walking, saving you time and money. (However It is still recommended to do plate walking as this will make your planning and feeding more efficient.)

It can be used with poor internet/cellular connectivity as everything is managed offline, only requiring a connection at login.

This is not simply a feeding management program but fully-fledged grazing software that will assist you to make the best grazing decisions in all areas of your business. Some of the features provided are:

Grazing rotation management (rotate your animals in the most efficient way) Effluent, Crop and Silage management (record when and where these have been applied) Recording hazards and notes for every paddock on your farm, to manage health and safety risks. Herd assignment and management (keep track of which herds are using which paddocks) And much more to come...

The app is extremely easy to set up and use, if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact our friendly NZ team who would be more than happy to help you out!

This application will save you lots of time, money and headaches compared to the old manual method of diaries and whiteboards, so go ahead and try it today!